Commercial Climbing Boulders

Have you been searching for a commercial-grade climbing boulder for your playground or backyard? Our unique and exclusive designs have been installed in city parks, schools, and high-end residential playgrounds across the country. We have thoughtfully crafted our designs to be more than just a climbing wall. They are a springboard for imaginative play! The Canyonz is the only playground boulder on the market to feature a built-in slide. And all models offer a tunnel or arch concept as well. If you're looking for a playground piece that can offer hours of fun, we've got you covered!

We have been manufacturing fiberglass climbing walls for over a decade. We know safety is important, and all climbing boulders are thoughtfully created. Our non-abrasive climbing surface and large, easy-to-grip handholds make these designs perfect for children. We recommend our climbing boulders only because we feel comfortable allowing our own kids to climb on them! Take a look at our various models, and let us know what questions you have!